When Would Dental Implants Be Necessary?

When Would Dental Implants Be Necessary?

Dental care should be a priority in our health. The reality is that you only have two sets of teeth: our deciduous dentition and our permanent teeth.

The deciduous dentition, also known as baby teeth, are the 20 initial teeth that start to come into a baby’s mouth. These eventually fall out and are replaced with our permanent teeth.

Don’t let the name of your second set of teeth fool you. If you are not taking care of your dental health, you are prone to damaging and losing your teeth for good. When this occurs, your dentist can suggest dental implants, but are they necessary?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a long-term option for replacing missing teeth and restoring your pretty smile. Whether the missing tooth (or teeth) are in the upper or lower jawbone, a metal post is surgically placed and replaces the root.

Dental implant posts are made mainly made up of titanium, a metal that’s lightweight but strong. Titanium and the other materials used in dental implants are all well accepted by the human body.

Causes of Missing Teeth

The loss of a tooth (or teeth) can be due to:

  • Lack of dental care
  • Accidents
Lack of dental care

We must take care of our permanent teeth. When a person has poor oral hygiene, this can lead to plaque and tartar buildup. Both of these can result in teeth decaying and gum disease.

Lack of dental care can also lead to infections in your teeth. The first step is always to try and save your teeth with procedures such as a root canal. When the damage is too severe, then the tooth needs to be extracted.


Accidents can occur in which damage is sustained to the mouth area. They can cause teeth to fall out from an impact. An accident can also cause damage to the nerves of your teeth and turn them dark.

In some cases, the tooth may break or be severely cracked. One solution is having a dental crown placed to preserve the natural tooth. Unfortunately, more extensive damage will require an extraction.

Signs That Dental Implants Are Necessary

Missing Teeth

The main sign that dental implants are necessary is that you are missing teeth. Although some people may choose to continue without some teeth, it’s just about dealing with a cosmetic issue. 

Missing teeth can lead to difficulty chewing certain foods, which can include your favorite dishes. Another side effect is that it can alter the way you speak.

Facial Deformation

Some patients may experience a caved-in appearance in the face. This facial deformation can be a result of:

  • Jawbone deteriorating
  • Bone loss due to missing teeth
  • Using debris since they don’t promote bone growth

Cosmetic Dentistry in Clementon, NJ

The benefits of dental implants go further than just cosmetic reasons. They contribute to: 

  • Restoring and preserving the facial structure
  • Provide support for the remaining teeth
  • Prevent gum recession

The dentistry team at Dental of Clementon is trained in various fields of dentistry. They can focus on improvement, dental aesthetics, and overall smile. Request your free consultation today.

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